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    25-72-33, 71-62-07 - Registry

    71-62-10, 71-62-18 - Registry

    35-61-92, 35-62-01 - Admission department

    E-mail: kdkb@skkdkb.ru

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  • State budgetary institution of health care of the Stavropol region Regional Children Clinical Hospital

    GBUZ SK Regional Children Clinical Hospital

    Address: Semashko str., 3, Stavropol, 355029
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    List of the paid medical services

    The list of paid medical services in Regional Children Clinical Hospital:

    • inpatient treatment in all departments of the hospital;
    • outpatient consulting specialized care;
    • function studies;
    • diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy;
    • radiodiagnosis;
    • laboratory tests:
      • clinical,
      • biochemical,
      • hematologic,
      • immunological;
    • physiotherapy, massage, therapeutic exercise;
    • extracorporeal detoxification methods;
    • consultations of outpatients by the heads of departments and doctors of inpatient facilities;
    • treatment in a day hospital at the polyclinic;
    • treatment in the day hospital at the inpatient facility;
    • carrying out various medical procedures at the request of the parents;
    • pediculosis treatment;
    • selection of individual methods of anesthesia (alternative methods at the request of parents instead of the most common and widely used methods);
    • nursing manipulations: injections, blood sampling from a vein, setting a dropper,
    • giving an enema.

    Other services:

    • provision of superior comfort conditions or stay in a small ward in a hospital.

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