• 34-92-00 - Head doctor’s reception

    25-72-33, 71-62-07 - Registry

    71-62-10, 71-62-18 - Registry

    35-61-92, 35-62-01 - Admission department

    E-mail: kdkb@skkdkb.ru

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  • State budgetary institution of health care of the Stavropol region Regional Children Clinical Hospital

    GBUZ SK Regional Children Clinical Hospital

    Address: Semashko str., 3, Stavropol, 355029
    head doctor’s page
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    Reminder "We are against corruption in health care" (download pdf)

    The administration of the SBIHC of Stavropol region “Regional Children Clinical Hospital” strongly urges you to report all cases of purchasing medications, medical supplies, anesthesia, laboratory and instrumental tests, physiotherapy procedures and other services in our medical institution at the expense of the patient in the presence of a compulsury medical insurance policy.

    You can report the above information:

    • by applying for a personal reception to the administration officials of the Regional Children Clinical Hospital;
    • by leaving information on our website on the head doctor’s page;
    • by calling the following telephone numbers of the administration officials of the Regional Children Clinical Hospital:
    Position Full name Phone number
    Head doctor Anisimov Igor N. 35-61-55
    Deputy head medical officer Sadovaya Anna S. 35-76-12
    Deputy head doctor for Clinical Expertise and Quality Management Moiseenkova Natalya N. 35-77-26
    Deputy head doctor for organizational and methodical work Mishechko Karina A. 35-70-96
    Head of consulting polyclinic Morozova Tatyana Y. 35-70-46


    We invite you to take part in an anonymous questionnaire on anti-corruption issues.


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